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UBS Press: New & Exclusive

posted on September 10, 2014 at 5:25 pm by Blog Archive

The University Book Store Press has been hard, hard, hard at work churning out exciting new titles for readers of all stripes. Whether you’re a fan of memoirs, poetry, family histories, we’ve got it all – you bring the taste, we provide the flavor! As Summer comes to a close, we’d like to single out some of the new titles that have landed on our shelves during these wonderful, sun-soaked months.  photo 2


The newest of the new are two books by Sitahwilthey, For The Love of Nature and Between The Worlds. Both volumes are original, hand-written and -illustrated collections of poetry that explore the beauty and mystery of nature. UBS Press was thrilled to help Sitahwilthey prepare these books for a bound edition. Stop by and take a look! – these books must be seen to be believed. To boot, Sitahwilthey (also known as Marilyn Totten) will be reading later this month at the UBS Press reception.


A Far Cry COVERv2.inddNext up: A Far Cry From Here: Growing Up and Out of Fundamentalism by Theresa Mickey McCormick, a moving memoir of childhood and family framed against the backdrop of the 1940s Texas Panhandle. McCormick, who grew up in fundamentalist Christian family, tells a true coming-of-age story that will find resonance with readers of all kinds. Theresa McCormick – an artist, writer, educator, and Professor Emeritus at Iowa State University – will join us to read from A Far Cry From Here at the UBS Press reception.


photo 3Jeremy M. Tolbert returns with his second volume of poetry through the UBS Press, Talking With the Devil About Love. Featuring poems that have appeared in a number of publications, including Overpass Press and Having A Whiskey Coke With You, this new collection presents fans of poetry with exciting work from a fresh, new voice. Tolbert’s poems are tough, confrontational, and redemptive – hear it for yourself at the UBS Press reception, where Jeremy will be reading and signing the new collection.



Lastly, although many reading this now are avid readers, some of you may nonethless be aware of our local NFL team the Seattle Seahawks. No matter your level of enthusiasm, local author Colin Leadbetter has written (and illustrated) what may the strangest (and most important) Seahawks-related item to ever be sold in stores. It’s worth the time to come in and take a look – chances are, you won’t be the same afterward. Titled The Osprey: A 33-Point Vision of the Seahawks Future, Leadbetter’s book lists the steps Seattle must take to fully embrace & collectively ritualize our football phenomenon.


photo 4As always, University Book Store Press titles are on display and available for purchase next to the Film & Television section on the main floor of the Book Department. Come in, have a look and take home something wonderful!

UBS Press – New Titles!

posted on February 4, 2014 at 2:54 am by Blog Archive

The University Book Store Press galloped into 2014 thanks to some incredible new titles from our authors. Many of these new books were works long in progress. It’s exciting to finally see them on the shelf, even more exciting when they leave in the hands of a new owner. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the latest & greatest from Homer (our trusty Espresso Book Machine) and the UBS Press!




Brad Craft, our senior Used Book Buyer, has been doodling daily. Incredible doodles. Hilarious doodles. On the same scraps of paper for jotting down customer names & phone numbers, he’s drawn portraits, caricaturesSerialDoodler, one-off jokes, brilliant running gags and more, all beautifully rendered in pencil. We (his coworkers) certainly hoped he’d kept the drawings, but we could only dream that he would, one day, publish them in a book. Earlier this month, that day came. Ladies in gentleman, collected in a single volume for the first time, we are proud to present The Serial Doodler. And not only that, Brad will be reading & signing at the store Feb. 25 at 7pm.


Here’s a taste, from the introduction (and a drawing from the Book Store Birds section below): “I’m not completely ignorant of the social niceties. I’ve never doodled at a funeral, for example. It’s true, I’m seldom without a pencil and scratch-paper. Truth be told, I haven’t the kind of memory that can be made to work without reference to notes, but, yes, making little pencil drawings is also something more than a habit of mine. Not a day goes by, as they say.”





PlaysThatPlayThe newest collection of plays from Martin Ingerson is now available, and we heartily invite you to come to the store and take a look. To truly get an idea about this collection, you really need to read the whole thing. But you can start with a bit about the playwright himself: As an actor he first appeared as the Big Bad Wolf – at age 6. As a teenage pianist he concertized throughout Northern California with a string trio. As a magician-illusionist he once lost an audience to a grizzly bear in Yosemite National Park. As a playwright he studied poetry at the University of Washington. His plays have been produced in New York, San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Sacramento, and Seattle. He founded-directed The Over Players, the first successful nightclub theatre in San Francisco. He now is Secretary of Chrysanthemum Literary Society and works at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.


ALSO NEW: Roscoe, Ergonomics of the AbsurdSpecial Delivery: A Memoir of an Improbably Love Affair and more to come! Stay tuned, and contact Michael at with any questions about UBS Press and the Espresso Book Machine.