Well, I’ve never read a gay novel like Stephen McCauley’s MY EX-LIFE! I’ve been embarrassing myself on the bus, exploding into these laughs that are just too loud to be in public, thoroughly enjoying this book and these characters.  Join a very appealing gay narrator in a world of straight people, trying to do the right thing when his lover of five years leaves him and tries to buy the house out from under him, trying to help the wife he once married when he didn’t know he was gay who desperately needs his help now. Watch a gay man functioning in the straight world – something we all know a little about.


It’s a big hardback (I apologize!) that costs $25.99 but with a 20% discount at University Book Store (just tell the cashier that it’s for Nick’s book club)it comes to $20.79, and not only does it read like the wind, but we have 5 Wednesdays next month to read our book, which is an easy 65 pages a week. I was trying to just check out the first half, so I could read the rest along with you. Sorry, but there’s no stopping now.


University Book Store has one copy and is ordering three more. Call them and place a reserve on one. 206-634-3400, and ask for General Books.