lion1This little book is a true mystery! And I can’t seem to solve it by myself. It’s fascinating, touching, sometimes a little scary – but when I was finished, I could tell I didn’t “get” it. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I want to understand it. So I’m calling out to anyone who enjoys short books – this is a novella, at best, at 121 pages – or is acquainted with Kawabata or other Japanese stylists – because this is a Japanese story, first and foremost. I’m going to read it again before our August meeting, and hope that with a second reading and your opinions and solutions, LION CROSS POINT will reveal its secrets.



by Masatsugu Ono

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This moody, baffling short novel by Japanese master Masatsugu Ono is both utterly normal and hauntingly mysterious. Ten-year-old Takeru has been sent to stay for his summer vacation with his mother’s friend in the hometown his mother hated, her old village by the sea.

He becomes friends with the eight-year-old girl next door and they dream of going to Dolphin World down the coast. Takeru hears stories about his mother. He remembers her violent boyfriend.

He seems to miss a brother he calls Bunji, who may be dead. Or perhaps he is being haunted by an ancestor of that name. And what exactly happened at Lion Cross Point? This fascinating story is not so much a mystery to solve as it is a ten-year-old’s vision of the mystery of life.

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