For the last three days, I have been devouring a short novel by Mozambican writer, Mia Couto called CONFESSION OF THE LIONESS – unless it’s really been devouring me. I feel like I’ve been attacked. I’ve gasped every few pages, hit by shock after shock. Sometimes I have to put the book down until my breathing becomes normal again. I don’t see Couto’s surprises coming; they just sort of erupt out of the darkness and hit you. This is not magical realism; it’s taking another belief system as real. With a name that sounds like an African woman, this white African man known as Mia Couto writes like no one else, and yet all the classic conventions of a novel are there underneath the shocking African newness. My first impulse on finishing it was to start at the beginning and read it over again, to see how the hell he did that! It’s quite a performance in plotting and suspense, with writing that’s consistently brilliant until it blows up on itself at the end.



by Mia Couto

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Mariamar knows that her sister, Silencia, was the most recent victim of the lions attacking the villagers of Kulumani in Mozambique. She also knows the hunter who has arrived to kill the marauding animals – they’ve met years before, when the moody charmer Archie Bullseye saved her from the unwanted attentions of the village policeman.


Now Archie and Mariamar are the only two who suspect what is really happening as village terror mounts and the lions are not the only danger. The real danger may be that Archie is in love with someone else.


Told in alternating diaries between Mariamar and Archie, this plunge into ancient African religion and deadly contemporary jealousies builds to an unforgettable encounter.


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You’ve never read anything quite like this before. Take the plunge. It’s a real rollercoaster of an experience, so be ready for the floor to drop out from under you! — Nick