Walkaway by Cory Doctorow

Monday • May 15 • 7pm

The Neptune

Discussion & Book Signing

Cory Doctorow offers a striking vision of the near-future in his new book, Walkaway.

Hubert, Seth, and their ultra-rich heiress friend Natalie are getting a little old to hang out at “Communist parties,” techno-raveups full of insta-printed drugs and toys and disaffected youth. But in this post-scarcity, post-employment world, it seems like there is nowhere else to be—until they decide to walk away, leaving formal society behind.
Three friends discover new way of living: a moneyless, intellectual culture where identity, sexuality, and perception are fluid, made possible by technological advancements that allow anyone to design and manufacture food, shelter, and clothing. But when the walkaways discover a way to scan and preserve consciousness online, they achieve something the one percent have never been able to buy—immortality. Now everything is about to change.
Join us for a fascinating discussion and signing with this New York Times best-selling author at the Neptune!

Tickets are $34.00 and available at stgpresents.org.