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When history professor Natasha Wilson begins researching the life of Imam Shamil—a 19th-century chieftan who led Muslim tribes against the Russians in the Caucasian War—she is surprised to discover that her favorite student, Oz, is one of his descendants. As Natasha grows closer Oz and his actress mother, Malak, she is forced to confront something she’s long avoided—her own Muslim heritage. Award-winning author Leila Aboulela weaves together the stories of three fascinating characters: Shamil, who had to give up his son to save his besieged city; Shamil’s son, who grew up among the Russians; and Natasha, a modern half-Russian, half-Sudanese woman. Enjoy a nuanced story of heritage and identity that spans three continents and more than 200 years.


The Kindness of Enemies by Leila Aboulela

Friday • May 12 • 6:30pm