hide1HIDE is a debut novel by a young gay author Matthew Griffin about a male-male partnership entering the twilight years. It begins with the elderly narrator dropping his groceries in the car and rushing into the vegetable garden to the side of his 83-year-old partner sprawling on his back from a mild stroke. How these two men face the ultimate challenge of their lives looks like provocative reading – and I’m going into this blind, doing this one with you.


We’ve got five weeks to discuss HIDE – that’s an easy 50 pages per week – and we’ll enforce our no-spoilers rule before each meeting. It’s brand new and only in hardback, but at $26 it’s among the more reasonably priced hardbacks, and with 20% off at University Book Store, it will come to $20.80 plus tax. Copies bought directly from me at the meetings will be a flat $20 total. Reserve one by email. Edmund White and David Leavitt both give this book raves. But that doesn’t guarantee you will. Let’s hear your opinion. Let’s see how young Matthew Griffin pictures the sunset of gay relationships.