betty1One of the best things a book club can do is discover great new books and help them develop a reputation in the reading world. George Hodgman’s BETTYVILLE is brand spanking new, and we could wait a year till it’s in paperback, but what I’ve read so far of this mother-son memoir rings so true and clear and funny that I think we have to jump on it. A cosmopolitan gay man gets called back to his tiny home town of Paris, Missouri to take care of his ninety-year-old mother, and ends up not leaving. Praised by Alison Bechtel (Fun Home) and Alysia Abbott (Fairyland), it looks sensitive and exploratory with a great big messy splash of good energy and love. betty2

SIX WAYS TO GET YOUR COPY: (1) Library users, immediately contact your library. It should have just arrived. Be fast, they won’t have many copies. (2) Devil-may-care method: the book sells for $27.95, which puts it a little over $30 with tax. Any good bookstore will have it, but it’s pricey. (3) Book club method: go to University Book Store, say you’re a member of the Seattle Gay Book Club, the cashier will give you a 20% discount to 22.36, then add tax. (4) Phone charge method: call University Book Store at 634-3400, ask for General Books, tell them about your book club discount, give them your charge number, and they mail for free. (5) Online method: do research, patronize if you must the Beast that Eats Bookstores, and get the cheapest deal you can, or (6) easiest method: send this email back to me with your reservation, and I’ll bring you a copy at the next meeting at SASG for an even $20. betty4

SKYPE OPPORTUNITY: Techies, alert! George Hodgman is still living in Paris, Missouri with his mother. I bet he’d meet with us for a Skype session at one of our five April meetings. He might even let us say hi to his mother. Any volunteers to let him know the Seattle Gay Book Club is reading BETTYVILLE and see if he’d talk with us?


betty3READING SCHEDULE: Let’s read this one together again, and discuss it chunk by chunk, considering the set-ups and our expectations.

Wed, April 1: Chapters 1-5

Wed, April 8: Chapters 6-9

Wed, April 15: Chapters 10-14

Wed, April 22: Chapters 15-18

Wed, April 29: Chapters 19-Epilogue