jor1Some books I recommend out of pure joy: this is one of them. I adored it. I savored every page. Without exaggeration, my pick this month is a visual onslaught. WHERE THE BIRD SINGS BEST has more unforgettable visual images than any ten normal novels. Alejandro Jodorowsky, best known for writing, directing and starring in the movie that began the whole midnight movie phenomenon in 1970, El Topo, has taken his true life genealogical tree and transformed it through storytelling, brilliant language, and every narrative trick at his command into a saga of larger-than-life legendary figures who act out a tale you’ve never read before the begins in 1903 in the Ukraine but ends in the riots of the miners in Chile.


I can’t shut up about this one. I’ll stop before I say too much. The book is one gigantic prequel to his 2013 masterpiece film about his parents and childhood, The Dance of Reality. For extravagant visual poetry and non-stop storytelling slight-of-hand, this book is a knockout.



Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Alejandro Jodorowsky is the filmmaker who in 1970 wrote, directed and starred in El Topo, the very first midnight movie. Where the Bird Sings Best follows three generations of his Jewish family, beekeepers on one side, lion tamers on the other, from the Ukraine to Chile in one gloriously readable fantastical autobiography. One outrageous set piece follows another. He juggles tale within tale with Arabian Nights dexterity. topo_4

“In memory, everything can become miraculous,” says Jodorowsky. “The past is not fixed and unalterable. With faith and will we can change it, not erasing its darkness but adding light …to make it more and more beautiful…”


Exuberant, relentlessly creative in his folkloric style of heightened reality, Jodorowsky is a master of both film and fiction, harnessing boldly surreal images to capture the gorgeous, brutal essence of life.


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