days1Armistead Maupin is arguably the most popular gay writer alive today. His serial, TALES OF THE CITY, opened up gay fiction to millions of straight readers. To be honest, my mother read the book before I did!

Armistead-MaupinHe was brave enough to be the first author to include AIDS in his fiction, and he was vilified for it. TALES OF THE CITY was made into a superb PBS series, more series followed adapting more sequels, and it’s hard to find a literary gay American today who doesn’t know who lives in San Francisco on Barbary Lane. Well, the character who anchored and centered the whole series, transsexual Anna Madrigal, is back at the center of THE DAYS OF ANNA MADRIGAL, what Maupin says will be the last in the series. Let’s read it together for March, step by step, and think about our narrative expectations as we go:

Wed, Mar 4:   Chapters 1-6

Wed, Mar 11: Chapters 7-13

Wed, Mar 18: Chapters 14-20

Wed, Mar 25: Chapters 21-end

It’s another gamble – I haven’t read this one, either. But I’ve read seven others by Maupin, and I’m sure it won’t be a waste of time. Reading it together, discussing it as we go, thinking about how it affects the entire series, how it stands alone, adds a whole new dimension of pleasure. Hope you can join us! — Nick