pocketIt’s time!  Every year now we post staff recommendations for the Holidays, so to get the season started, I thought I’d just make a pitch for one of my favorite series: Everyman’s Pocket Classics.  These beautifully designed and edited little anthologies are invariably satisfying collections of short stories by classic and contemporary writers.  The stories in each book are organized by the theme in the title, as in the latest, Stories of Art and Artists, edited by Diana Secker Tesdell and featuring short stories from writers as diverse and accomplished as Albert Camus (Jonas, or The Artist at Work), William Boyd (Varengeville), Julian Barnes (The Limner), and Aimee Bender (The Color Master).

Other favorites in the series would include the recent Stories of Fatherhood, Dog Stories, New York Stories, and Christmas Stories, which is still one of my favorite Holiday collections of all time, as it includes, among other treasures, Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory, (which I will be reading aloud again this year at the bookstore, Tuesday, December 2nd, at 7PM.)

At just $16.00 apiece, these pretty little books are still a remarkably affordable and attractive option for readers of almost any budget, and perfect for a stocking-stuffer.  There is a collection now for nearly every occasion and reader, so check out the full list, all of which we carry at the University Book Store.  I can’t recommend them enough.