We love when authors visit us at the bookstore.  You know what we love even more? Butterscotch potato-chip cookies.  Oh my good, good, goodness, people. Alexandra Penfold came by — with cookies.  I should mention, she’s the co-author of New York a la Cart: Recipes & Stories from the Big Apple’s Best Food Trucks, new from Running Press.  Delicious looking book, full of tempting recipes.

penbetterTo summarize: the author was delightful, the book looks wonderful.  She brought us cookies!

pensignA note to authors: Look, nobody is saying you have to bring us cookies.  Honestly, we’re always glad to meet the authors of the books we sell.  Salman Rushdie?  Really, a delightful man.  It was a privilege to meet him.  Local authors?  We’re always glad to see you too.  The University Book Store particularly prides itself on supporting our Northwest writers.  Even the self-published who have their books made on the Espresso Book Machine?  I did it, twice.  Marvelous experience.  We had a book launch party for the last one, right here in the bookstore.

But now, if any author wants to bring us cookies, glorious, homemade, hand-crafted cookies, like Alexandra Penfold did?  Well, just saying… We really, really like Alexandra Penfold — and the cookies.  They were delicious.  (Buy the book,New York a la Cart: Recipes & Stories from the Big Apple’s Best Food Trucks,  and you can make them too!  Bring some by the bookstore, you know, just to show us you did.  Seriously, bring more cookies.  Those things are addictive.)